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New mix: Shivers

A lousy day for the UK is not quite what I had envisioned for this UK-heavy mix — if anything I was hoping it would serve as a post-Remain-vote tribute to the cultural benefits of immigration, since pretty much none of the music I promote these days on the blog would exist without it. But so it goes, as my heart goes out to Britons who may be feeling less loved by their country today. Anyways that’s a lot of nonsense to pile onto what is supposed to be a party-ready mix of bass heavy tracks, so let’s get into the weekend — never mind the Brexit hangover.

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  1. Alex Coulton – Ambush – Ambush / Direction (Tempa)
  2. Cliques – 8th – Dotted (Tempa)
  3. DVA and Addison Groove – Allyallrecords – Take It All EP (Hyperdub)
  4. Phon.o – Bell Blender – Afterglow (Tectonic)
  5. Nomine – Nomine’s Path – Path/Peace/Lost/Mantra (Tempa)
  6. Skepta – Lyrics ft. Novelist – Konnichiwa (Boy Better Know)
  7. Commodo – Set It Straight ft Rocks FOE – Set It Straight (Black Acre)
  8. Boylan – Ghosts in the Machine – Ghosts in the Machine (Edgem)
  9. Sully – Arco – Vamp (Black Acre)
  10. DJ Voilà – Some Jazz – Aimless Summer (1080p)
  11. Lone – Alpha Wheel – Levitate (R&S)
  12. Deft – Ivory Tusk – Blackest EP (20/20 LDN)
  13. Poirier – Kypoli feat. Machinedrum & Aleisha Lee – Migration (Nice Up!)
  14. dBridge – Average Echo – Average Echo / Heritage (CNVX)
  15. Etch – Triptych – Technicolor Daydream (Lapsus)
  16. Folding City – Groundswell – Ice Riddim (Tuba)
  17. J:Kenzo – Alight – Skatta / Alight (Cosmic Bridge)
  18. Danny Scrilla – Come Cross – From The Vault Vol. 1 (Bandcamp)
  19. Sam Binga & Om Unit – Windmill Kick – TransPacific EP (Bunit)
  20. Special Request – Live From Alpha Centauri – Tessellations (Houndstooth)

Mixed June 14, 2016 by Dave Morris a.k.a. deemo for






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