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  • New mix: Growth

    New mix: Growth

    A few tracks bashed together to celebrate my renewing the domain and starting the process of putting the archives back up. Enjoy. Click here to download from Mediafire Mixed Aug 11, 2022 in HK by Deemo

  • New mix: Soak

    New mix: Soak

    Oh, hello there. I made this mix in January and I’ve only just put it out now, but since summer just arrived, the time seems right. If it feels good, do it. Click here to download from Mediafire Mixed Jan 27, 2019 by Deemo for Original photo by Henk L from FreeImages

  • New mix: Rust

    New mix: Rust

    Apparently I am not dead? Anyways I made you a new mix. This image is from the very talented photographer Valentin Santarosa whose work I discovered on  Click here to download from Mediafire 1. Via Maris – CU2 – Glow Wall / CU2 (Livity Sound)2. Etch – Beggars Belief – Altered Roads Vol. 2 […]

  • New mix: Brothers

    New mix: Brothers

    Been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you etc. Here’s a mix of instrumental and vocal grime and other things – don’t sleep on Krucial, there’s a reason he’s on here twice. Click here to download from Mediafire 1. Kellen303 – WHB – WHB EP (Keysound)2. Hanz – King Speed – Plasty I (Tri […]

  • New mix: Smoke

    New mix: Smoke

    We’re still in 2017-land with this one, but don’t let that put you off. I have to admit I missed a whack of good stuff last year in grime, which Butterz’s annual Grime 20XX comps always put me up on, but generally I tried to avoid those cuts since they mix them better than I […]

  • New mix: Weaving

    New mix: Weaving

    Astute readers will notice that I haven’t posted a mix since March. I’ve been… busy? I moved continents (which required giving up freelancing music writing – so, blogging’s appeal is somewhat renewed), broke my spleen and tried to make some music of my own. Time to get back to other peoples’. Expect more regular updates […]

  • New mix: Calling Card

    New mix: Calling Card

    Oh, but this was a fun one. It must be spring if there are this many bubbly tracks fighting for space in one mix — minds turning to knuckles-in-the-air outdoor raving and such. I’m a little late with the goods this time but I promise there will be another mix soon. Tracks are coming fast and furious, from […]

  • New mix: Endgame

    New mix: Endgame

    I wish that the URL on FACT Magazine’s obituary for Mark Fisher were literally true – “mark-fisher-k-punk-capitalist-realism-has-died” – rather than what has actually happened. Capitalist Realism is alive, and Mark Fisher a.k.a. k-punk is dead. I didn’t know him, but his writing shaped me as much as any music, and I believe it will go […]

  • New mix: Who needs a drink?

    New mix: Who needs a drink?

    The house-y, four-on-the-floor tracks for my November mix were chosen a while before I actually mixed and posted it, and, uh, things are a bit darker now. The title says it all, really. Show up and pour up. Download from Mediafire Mixed Nov 12/2016 by Deemo for

  • New mix: Perspective

    New mix: Perspective

    In my new digs I was avoiding making mixes, because I don’t have proper speakers yet. Necessity being the mother of invention, I mixed this on the speakers in the TV, and damned if it didn’t come out not half bad. It helps that these tunes needed to be mixed, like money burning a hole […]