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  • New mix: Perspective

    New mix: Perspective

    In my new digs I was avoiding making mixes, because I don’t have proper speakers yet. Necessity being the mother of invention, I mixed this on the speakers in the TV, and damned if it didn’t come out not half bad. It helps that these tunes needed to be mixed, like money burning a hole […]

  • New mix: Metal Creature

    New mix: Metal Creature

    These are grim times for dance — oh hell, for everyone. I am struggling with a few relatively minor things myself, but making this mix was unadulterated fun. I hope you enjoy listening to it. NB I make no apologies for back-to-back tracks from Inna Nice Up Fashion!, which you should go get right now. The ragga […]

  • New mix: Autopilot

    New mix: Autopilot

    This one goes out to all the self-driving cars, vacuum-cleaning robots and anything else doing stuff we humans would rather ignore so we can play Pokemon Go. PS: That Marquis Hawkes album is killing it. Download from Mediafire Mixed June 23, 2016 by Dave Morris a.k.a. deemo for a-void.ca

  • New mix: Shivers

    New mix: Shivers

    A lousy day for the UK is not quite what I had envisioned for this UK-heavy mix — if anything I was hoping it would serve as a post-Remain-vote tribute to the cultural benefits of immigration, since pretty much none of the music I promote these days on the blog would exist without it. But […]

  • New mix: Wait For Me

    New mix: Wait For Me

    Lyfe, LOL amirite? Big changes lately for me, hence the lengthy gap between mixes. But you don’t care about that, you just want beatzzzzzzz. (As you should.) This one was prepped a while ago but is finally ready now, for your hooptie’s 5-disc CD changer with the windows down. And keep your eyes peeled for […]

  • New mix: Turn Up

    New mix: Turn Up

    Does what it says on the tin. Sorry it’s late 🙂 Click here to download from Mediafire

  • New mix: Exercise

    New mix: Exercise

    It’s January! And I didn’t give you a year end list, because really, year end lists are like fruitcake – they always just show up unannounced and unrequested. Instead I give you a mix, though the title may be misleading. It’s not really what you might call gym-appropriate; in my mind, it was about Exercise […]

  • The Best Albums of 2015

    The Best Albums of 2015

    Note: This was not published at the time but languished in draft. Best Albums of 2015 Best Dance Singles of 2015 Best Dance Labels of 2015

  • New mix: Exclude

    New mix: Exclude

    I am either about to emerge from a long period of distraction, or go into one, but I’m glad the mix train is at least running on time. This is kind of a decks-clearing (ha) mix that began with me going through all the singles I really liked this year (more on that soon) and […]

  • New mix: In Country

    New mix: In Country

    Post-Polaris, I’ve been pretty occupied with some family stuff, so the writing is naturally sparse. As is the listening, I must confess – aside from a few standouts, my year-end list will be tilted towards the beginning of the year I think. But! Mixing is always a bit of relief from what ails, hence this […]