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  • New mix: Exclude

    New mix: Exclude

    I am either about to emerge from a long period of distraction, or go into one, but I’m glad the mix train is at least running on time. This is kind of a decks-clearing (ha) mix that began with me going through all the singles I really liked this year (more on that soon) and […]

  • New mix: In Country

    New mix: In Country

    Post-Polaris, I’ve been pretty occupied with some family stuff, so the writing is naturally sparse. As is the listening, I must confess – aside from a few standouts, my year-end list will be tilted towards the beginning of the year I think. But! Mixing is always a bit of relief from what ails, hence this […]

  • New mix: Inside Out

    New mix: Inside Out

    Polaris is done! No word of a lie, being on the grand jury this year was one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my music critic career. I’m still floating. I am also way behind in any semblance of being up on new music, so consider this mix remedial singles […]

  • New mix: Rapture

    New mix: Rapture

    Last week the Isley Brothers released a 23-cd boxed set of their RCA Victor and T-Neck (their own label) output, which includes some of the smoovest music ever made. I am fairly obsessed with ’80s Minneapolis-sounding electro R&B/funk (Prince/Cameo/etc) and have been plotting this mix for some time. I have listened to it so much […]

  • Odds and sods: Pixelord, Bitchin’ Bajas

    Odds and sods: Pixelord, Bitchin’ Bajas

    Bitchin’ BajasTransporteurHands In The Dark As I gazed at extortionate collector prices for a copy of Bitchin Bajas’ out-of-print Krausened EP today, it occurred to me how much had changed since then. (And that maybe I should be grateful there are copies to be had.) Transporteur hints at their last, self-titled album, with the group’s […]

  • New mix: There’s Gonna Be Good Times

    New mix: There’s Gonna Be Good Times

    Jus a lil something to take to cookouts, the park, the highway, the pool, the stoop, the club, the basement, the gym, the sauna and anywhere else that needs a summery soundtrack. Dyn-o-mite! Click here to download from Mediafire mixed by dave morris a.k.a. deemo on july 18 2015 for a-void.ca

  • Jamie XX and other things you already have opinions on

    Jamie XX and other things you already have opinions on

    Jamie XXIn ColourXL The one question I ask myself more than any other when reviewing (well, other than “just how sober do I need to be for this task?”) (Short answer: not very) is, ” what is this music for?” Not strictly in the sense of what it was purpose-built for, but what kind of […]

  • Unsound at Luminato in the Hearn Generating Station

    Unsound at Luminato in the Hearn Generating Station

    Loooook! Rocks! In art, industrial spaces in disrepair are not new. There’s nothing left to wring from either the glory-of-human-progress, man-vs-nature thread, and the globalization-made-this-rubble anti-capitalist critique is so played out, the concept itself ought to be in a museum. And yet, wandering among the enormous hulking I-beams in the decommissioned Hearn Generating Station in […]

  • New mix: Maps

    New mix: Maps

    The Polaris-ization of my listening time has almost come to a close, which means hopefully more posts on this here blog. So many great records to gab about this year – Pixelord, Kamasi Washington, Earl Sweatshirt among them. In the meantime, you have this mix, which will sound nice – okay, vaguely threatening, but still […]

  • Rapidly aging reviews: Jam City, Mike Gao, Pearson Sound

    Rapidly aging reviews: Jam City, Mike Gao, Pearson Sound

    Posting is light around here while I plough through Polaris Music Prize listening obligations, but please accept these slightly outdated reviews for now, plus a mix I just finished last night that I will put up this week. I love you and want you to be happy. – Deemo Jam City Dream A Garden Night […]