Tuesday downloads: fancy footwork

Watch this. Feel that lump in your throat? When all the handwringing about exploitation begins � and there will be plenty of both the former and the latter (somewhere at this very moment a deeply unfair reality show contract is almost certainly being drawn up) � let�s not forget why we chase highs like the feeling of watching something that fresh and amazing for the first time. It�s like finding a trove of unseen Picassos in a flea market, if comparing wastelands like YouTube and the blogosphere to a flea market isn�t too much of an insult to flea markets.

I�m crazy late to the game, of course � people have been doing footwork in Chicago since the late �80s. It took Planet Mu�s Mike Paradinas (a.k.a. u-Ziq) championing the music for me to notice, which isn�t a small thing either. I didn�t think much of DJ Nate�s �Hatas Our Motivation,� Planet Mu�s first footwork release, or the stuff on Ghettophiles that I heard. Where�s the beat? Why are the loops so short? Who wants to turn up the bass with all that distorted middle-range? Whatever magical combination of gabba-like sample stabs, drum machine tom-toms and soul that I wasn�t even hearing as music, Paradinas did. I wonder if he can explain why I�m the only one who thinks the new Kanye can eat a bag of fuck?

�Here it comes / the sound of confusion�
� �Walking With Jesus,� Spiritualized

My switch got flipped by DJ Rashad�s forthcoming Just A Taste [STREAM], but it�s not out yet, so while you listen to his and DJ Spinn�s disorienting �Go Crazy� on loop so many times it turns your cerebral cortex into lumpy yoghurt, download DJ Earl�s �Hit Da Bootz� for a basic but compelling example of how to turn an 8Ball & MJG sample into a straight banger. Rashad�s single from earlier this year, �Itz Not Rite� is worth a purchase if only to find out what these shits sound like properly mastered. Which is to say, face-melting, like the best early drum �n� bass. Or Monk. Don�t you dare laugh.

[DJ Earl LINK via FACTmag; DJ Rashad available via Boomkat/iTunes/etc]

One thought on “Tuesday downloads: fancy footwork

  1. I’m glad that in somehow, someway, something that we put out has finally changed your mind, hahaha. I’ve told plenty of people this myself, it took me damn near 3 months to truly enjoy this music, and even then, I’m still picking up on the small intricacies of it all.

    But damn son, what style of juke is your favorite? Is it the synth heavy stuff, or is it the hip hop related styles? Lemme know!

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