New Mix: Paintbox


When it comes to labels making four on the floor tunes, I play favourites. Lot of stalwarts of my digital crates here – Kompakt, obviously, Hyperdub, Get Physical, M_nus – and a few relatively new entrants like Black Acre and Aus Music, neither of which I would dare sleep on. PS: this mix is gym-tested-and-approved.

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1. Dan Shake – Traders II (feat. Rennie Foster) – Out of Sight (Black Acre)
2. Saschienne – The Era Of The Leopard – Golden Prints (Kompakt)
3. Weval – Easier – Easier (Kompakt)
4. Phon.o – Der Lude – Werkschau03 (Shitkatapult)
5. Bwana – Flute Dreams – Flute Dreams (Aus Music)
6. Sascha Funke & Haito Gopfrich – Disconnected (Sascha Funke Mix) – Disconnected (Boxer)
7. Sebastian Mullaert & Patrick Siech – Genome (Original Mix) – Genome I (M_nus)
8. Gerry Read – Cosmoid – 3,2,1 (Aus Music)
9. Voigt & Voigt – Supertrip – Speicher 82 (Kompakt)
10. Chelonis R. Jones – Le bateau ivre (Booka Shade remix) – Get Physical #BeatPortDecade Deep House (Get Physical)
11. DJ Pierre – What Is House Muzik (DJ T. Remix) – What Is House Muzik
12. Duke Dumont – The Giver – EP 1 (Virgin EMI)
13. Chemotex – Snake Inside My Leg – Snake Inside My Leg (The Trilogy Tapes)
14. Gingy & Bordello – All Day – Warehouse Series Compilation (Turbo)
15. Kode9 – Oh – Hyperdub 10.4 (Hyperdub)
16. Ricardo Villalobos – Voodog Pt. 1 – Voodog (Pressure Traxx)
17. Hysterics – Empty – Hysterics EP (Night Slugs)

Deemo – Paintbox by Deemo on Mixcloud


Mixed on Feb 14, 2015 by Dave Morris a.k.a. Deemo

New mixes: Subscript/Superscript

If January is for resolutions, what does it mean that most of them never see out the month? I’d argue that January is just where the regrets of the past year go to die. With that in mind, I’ll be getting two regrets out of the way right now – I regret that I didn’t upload either of these four on the floor mixes when I made them, because they both rule. Enjoy. One more post coming, then see you (with renewed vigour) in February…


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Deemo – Subscript by Deemo on Mixcloud

1. Freeform Five feat. Róisín Murphy     – Leviathan (Tom Trago Dub Mix) – Leviathan (Eskimo Recordings)
2, Martyn – Two Leads and a Computer – The Air Between Words (Ninja Tune)
3, Lord Of The Isles – Horizon Effect – 301C Symphony EP (Permanent Vacation)
4. Danny Benedettini     – Blown Away – Correspondant, Compilation 02 (Correspondant)
5. Ciara – Body Party (Kaytranada’s never going to release this shieeet) – web
6. Gui Boratto – Take Control (Come And Hell Mix) – Take Control (Kompakt)
7. KZA – Taking It – Dig & Edit 2 (Endless Flight)
8. Hayfever – Ground Collapse (Maddslinky ‘Nj Shuffle’ Mix) – Ground Collapse (Formula Records)
9. Moon man – The Great Speech – Lucky Star Ship (Daisy)
10. Röyksopp & Robyn – Say It – Do It Again (Dog Triumph)
11. Paul Kalkbrenner     – Böxig Leise (Pig&dan Remix)     – X (Paul Kalkbrenner Recordings)
12. GoldFFinch – Stronghold – Stronghold (Turbo)
13. Ill Blu – Clapper – Hyperdub 10.1 (Hyperdub)
14. Cardini&Shaw – Pepper Labejia – In The Ballroom (Correspondant)
15. Youandewan – FM Jam – Youandewan EP (Aus Music)
16. Avatism – Adamant (Lake People Remix) – Adamant Remixes #2 (Houndstooth)

Recorded June 29 2014


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Deemo – Superscript by Deemo on Mixcloud

1. Vermont – Dynamik (Prins Thomas Version 1) – The Prins Thomas Versions (Kompakt)
2. Dauwd – Moiety – Saleh EP (Kompakt)
3. Romare – Roots – Roots (Ninja Tune)
4. Huxley – Give 2 U (Will Saul & Komon remix) – Give 2 U (Aus Music)
5. Bonobo – Pelican – Flashlight EP (Ninja Tune)
6. XDB – Afrikk (Philogresz Remix) – Afrikk (Echocord)
7. Massimiliano Pagliara – Native Tribes Of Jaguar (With Credit 00) – With One Another (Robert Johnson)
8. Sascha Funke – Zug Um Zug (Original Mix) – Zug Um Zug (Kompakt)
9. Marc Antona – The Fifth Season – Rattle Snaps EP (Dissonant)
10. Graze    – Banding – Soft Gamma Repeater (New Kanada)
11. Jimmy Edgar – Burn – Saline (Ultramajic)
12. Bruce – My Legs Wouldn’t Go Quick Enough – Not Stochastic (Hessle Audio)
13. Tarjei Nygård – Suratkorps (Tarjei’s Handarbeidsversjon) – Suratkorps (Full Pupp)
14. Kim Ann Foxman     – Be Mine     – Heidi Presents Jackathon Jams with Kim Ann Foxman, Soul Clap (Heidi Presents Jackathon Jams)
15. Max D – High Life – High Life (Hot Haus)
16. Redshape – Leaves (Stripped 2 Clip & 303) – Leaves (Running Back)
17. Audion, Troels Abrahamsen – Dem Howl Feat. Troels Abrahamsen (Michael Mayer Instrumental Mix) – Dem Howl feat. Troels Abrahamsen (Kompakt)
18. Hieroglyphic Being and The Configurative or Modular Me Trio – The Human Experience – The Seer Of Cosmic Visions (Planet Mu)
19. The Black Dog – Fraction Slide – Sound Of Sheffield Vol. 03 (Dust Science)

Recorded Nov. 29, 2014

Mix: “Connecting”


*cover art lovingly appropriated from the poster for the 1980 Japanese movie Crazy Thunder Road

This mix is not new, but it’s too much fun to sit on any longer. I feel funny big-upping my own stuff, I keep hearing the kid from De La Soul Is Dead going “it’s slammin! Yo, it’s slammin!” So I dunno, here’s some free music and stuff. Enjoy.

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1. Jex Opolis – On the Cliffs – Zither EP (Good Timin)
2. Jamie XX – Sleep Sound – Sleep Sound (Young Turks)
3. Joakim – On The Beach (Joakim’s Cray76 remix) – On The Beach (Tigersushi)
4. In Flagranti – Outsider House – Ten Years of Phonica (Phonica)
5. Moodymann – Hangover (Moodymann mix) – Hangover (KDJ)
6. Fort Romeau – Pirouette – Her Dream (Live At Robert Johnson)
7. Florian Frings – Shift – Backspace (Minus)
8. Booka Shade – Crossing Borders feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner (Booka’s Dub Mix) – Crossing Borders (Blaufeld)
9. ZZT – Givin In – Givin In (Turbo)
10. Samo Sound Boy – Divine – Open / Divine (Body High)
11. Graze – Scrap – MWeapon (New Kanada)
12. Addison Groove – Bad Seed – Presents James Grieve (50 Weapons)
13. Golden Teacher – Love – Party People/ Love (Optimo Music)
14. Melchior Productions Ltd – Sightings – The Return Of The Cosmic Kids (Aspect Music)
15. The Black Dog – Too Many Isms – Sound Of Sheffield Vol. 01 (Dust Science)
16. Komon and Appleblim – Beach Trek – Jupiter EP (Aus Music)

Mixed April 19 2014 by Dave Morris for

“Connecting” by Deemo on Mixcloud

Albums: Lucy, Nochexx, Move D (Fabric mix), Brandt Brauer Frick (DJ Kicks)

I have been dipping my nib in the company ink… no wait, that’s not the expression I want. Um anyways I’ve been doing a bunch of freelance for the parts of the Globe that are not my day job, hence the subdued activity round these parts. Please enjoy my thoughts on the Jay-Z Daft Punk collab here, and feel free to peruse the reviews below that would never ever run in the Globe, at least not until I become top banana and make it an all-electronic-music arts section. *cackles conspiratorially*


Churches Schools and Guns

Lately I’ve been noticing that the minimal, techy stuff I once embraced is wearing thin, due to what must be overexposure. I fear I’ve hit peak bloop blorp. It’s largely the Lucy record that has pushed me to this conclusion, because under other circumstances I think I would be an unabashed fan. They might be tricky to dance to but there’s a lot to obsess over in the rich rhythmic and textural buffet of tracks like “The Best Selling Show.” And any album that casts samples of Peter Finch’s epic Network rant in a Blade Runner-ish dystopia of clanging pipes and shallow echoes (“Leave Us Alone”) can’t be all bad. But the number of times I’ve put the disc on and zoned out completely can’t be a good thing. At a certain stage, when the drums are kicking and the synth pads are padding, if it doesn’t hang together, well, it doesn’t hang together. Like rival gangs in a prison yard.

brandt brauer frick dj kicks

Brandt Brauer Frick
DJ Kicks

Here’s a stumper for you: when I got this mix, it came with the mixed MP3 as well as the individual tracks used in the set. I promptly stole at least three of them for my own mixes. And yet, do I enjoy this hour of wonky tech and house mixed by a group I generally enjoy, and featuring artists like Peverelist, French Fries, Theo Parrish, several guys from the Night Slugs roster and others whom I absolutely love? No, I do not. Maybe it’s just professional jealousy, since I mixed those tunes so much better, obviously. But my feeling after listening to this a dozen times is that maybe having three DJs in the mix just doesn’t work – everyone wants to drop their favourite techy new tunes, and a few left-field choices, but since no one person has enough time behind the decks to establish a mood and then get sick of it enough to want to change it, everyone creates their own mini-arcs that don’t jive with the experience of actually listening to the whole hour front to back. I don’t know if that’s the case, but I will say that the choice of that old Underground Resistance classic, Galaxy 2 Galaxy’s “Transition,” doesn’t really work where it appears in the mix. Considering what a banger that usually is, I wonder if BBF are just tone-deaf to the way a mix like this is supposed to work. (Paging Henrik Schwarz.)


Move D
Fabric 74

I once tried to collect the entire Roule and Crydamoure catalogs (on MP3, fine, stop judging me) which should tell you how big a fan I am of a certain era of French touch house. So starting a mix with a track from Roule (and others, obviously) alum Roy Davis Jr. endeared Move D to me almost immediately. We’re far enough from that era that a DJ can dabble in a bit of the swishy end of 90s – a snippet of diva vocals here, a “jazzy” (ugh) piano there – without tipping over into a nostalgia trip, and this mix feels distinctly modern while still channeling the sounds and vibe that made ’90s house such a juggernaut. Highly recommended.

Move D – fabric 74: 30 Minute Radio Mix by Fabric on Mixcloud



I wouldn’t characterize the new Nochexxx as melodic, exactly. But even if the melodic fragments flying around Thrusters’ crowded sound world aren’t perfectly hummable, they are definitely refreshing, in the context of the aforementioned bleakness elsewhere. There’s a real sense of fun in these busy, hyper little tunes, which dart around like toddlers on a sugar high (save for the somber title track, with its sample of the ground crew’s reaction to the Challenger disaster used in a far more, let’s call it… appropriate way than on Beyonce’s album). I like to think of silent film characters acting out pratfalls and japes of all sorts, in jerkily high speed, as the album plays. That’s a good thing, FYI.

Mix: Geometry


A selection of the finest in UNTZ UNTZ techno and house. Some great tunes I’ve been trying to work in for a while here, especially Tim Green’s mini-masterpiece and a total banger from Hobo. Geddit.

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1. Cooly G – Hold Me – Hold Me
2. SCB – Rope – Rope EP
3. Leisure Muffin – Alys – The Bunker New York 001
4. Tim Green – Humming Syrup – The Humming Syrup EP
5. Baunz – Out Of The Window (feat. 3rd Eye) [Walker & Royce Remix] – Out Of The Window (feat. 3rd Eye)
6. Todd Terje – Q – Spiral
7. Sparky – Portland – Portland
8. Ondo Fudd – Coup D’État – Coup D’État
9. L-Vis 1990 Presents Dance System – No More – Dance System EP
10. Sam Russo – To The Brink (Original Mix) – To The Brink / Wanderer
11. Hobo – Mind Games- Mind Games
12. Bok Bok & Tom Trago – Hole Driller 3 – Get Me What You Want
13. DJ Zinc – King Kong     – Rollin’ Neatly
14. Leibniz – Bring It Don’t Sing It, Pt. 1 – What Matters
15. Legowelt – Do What U Gotta Do – Crystal Cult 2080 Album Sampler
16. Juan Atkins – Dayshift (Terrence Dixon Remix) – Scion A/V Remix: Juan Atkins

Geometry by Deejaydeemo on Mixcloud

Tuesday downloads: Austin Peralta and Siriusmo, separated at birth?

Austin Peralta (left); Siriusmo � they're not the same person, we think

Ah, jazz prodigies. They�re like some rarified tropical fish�often strikingly beautiful but not very good at adapting to changes in their native environment. LA pianist/composer Austin Peralta has been playing since age 5 and though he�s racked up collabs with the likes of Chick Corea and Ron Cater, he seems to have already stretched beyond jazz-police conservativism to embrace electronic sounds, which bodes well for Endless Planets, his album on FlyLo�s Brainfeeder label due out Feb 15. You don�t have to be a trainspotter to hear echoes of In A Silent Way in the disc�s brief final track (a collaboration with The Cinematic Orchestra and singer Heidi Vogel):

In my experience as a young student (certainly not any kind of wunderkind, for sure), the hardest part of growing up playing jazz was the feeling that you needed to love it to the exclusion of other music, and not worry about the fact that you were in effect turning your back on the pop culture that for most other kids was the whole world; too many former prodigies either end up making the most terrifyingly gauche fusion/jam band stuff, or just turning into bebop arch conservatives. It seems from what little of his music I�ve heard that Peralta manages to comfortably reconcile hip underground electronic sounds and jazz changes, and I�m dying to hear the record and find out whether I really need to be jealous or not.

On an unrelated musical note (but a similar haircut one � see above), I thought for some reason that Monkeytown (Modeselektor�s label) signing Siriusmo was putting out his record in early February. So after thinking I had missed my chance to preview it (Rule #2 of blogging: don�t take three weeks off after being embarrassed at having taken two weeks off), I was pleased to discover that it doesn�t drop until March 1 in North America, thus giving me a chance to yell BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT in all caps as a preview. If I had to describe Mosaik in, say, a police report filed by my irate, deafened neighbours, I guess I�d call it a tech-house album? But really it�s gloriously all over the place, with all the capital-F Fun you remember from early rave era and none of the cheap brain-battering tricks that four/four producers have binged on of late. There are more fist-in-the-air stuttering synth stabs on Mosaik than I care to remember, mostly because my copy is one big MP3 file that I never want to stop, pause or otherwise interrupt. I wish everything with a straight-ahead club beat was this giddily enjoyable. I also wish it was 1992 and someone had just given me something with a happy face on it, but enough about me.


At first the fact that I would rather listen to Tim Hecker�s beatless productions than anything with a kick drum had me believing my brain had begun the inevitable decades-long slide into mushy Phil Collins fandom. Then I remembered that I felt the same way about Harmony In Ultraviolet and An Imaginary Country as I do about Hecker�s upcoming tour de force, Ravedeath 1972, so maybe it�s just that the rest of my listening is catching up with what I�ve enjoyed all along. To be fair, Hecker�s latest is mostly harsher than the likes of the Cluster, Tangerine Dream, CFCF and Emeralds albums I�ve been sloooooshing around in lately; there�s no ambiguity in tracks like �The Piano Drop,” just sadness turning to menace and the occasional moment of pure aggro. You ask for miracles, I give you the grisly middle of �Hatred Of Music I.”

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