New mix: Soak

Oh hello there. I made this mix in January and I’ve only just put it out now, but since summer just arrived, the time seems right. If it feels good, do it.

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  1. Mr. Mitch – “Settle” – Primary Progressive (Gobstopper)
  2. The Maghreban – “Needy” – 01DEAS (R&S)
  3. Peverelist – “Right Hand” – IDLE050 (Idle Hands)
  4. Oscar #Worldpeace – “No White God” – IC3 (Worldpeace)
  5. Bruce – “Elo” – Sonder Somatic (Hessle Audio)
  6. Appleblim – “Manta Key” – Life in a Laser (Sneaker Social Club)
  7. Pearson Sound – “Our Spirits Soar” – Rubble (Hessle Audio)
  8. Chevel – “Palaverde Mix” – In A Rush And Mercurial (Enklav)
  9. Smerz – “Half life” – Have Fun (XL)
  10. Walton – “No Mercy f Riko Dan” – Black Lotus (Tectonic)
  11. Swindle – What We Do – Butterz 2019 E1 gig free download
  12. Jacques Greene – “Avatar Beach (Extended)” – Fever Focus (LuckyMe)
  13. Special Request – “Tiresias (Anastasia Kristensen Rework)” – Through The Looking Glass (Houndstooth)
  14. Proc Fiskal – “Dopamine” – Insula (Hyperdub)

Mixed Jan 27, 2019 by Deemo for

Original photo by Henk L from FreeImages

New mix: Perspective


In my new digs I was avoiding making mixes, because I don’t have proper speakers yet. Necessity being the mother of invention, I mixed this on the speakers in the TV, and damned if it didn’t come out not half bad. It helps that these tunes needed to be mixed, like money burning a hole in your pocket. Lot of great producers like Pearson Sound and Distal putting stuff out on their own labels, which is interesting, though everyone from Keysound to Tempa are still bringing that fire. And don’t sleep on Nomine – I didn’t always love his stuff but this one is a corker. Enjoy!

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1. Spokes – Flight – Flight EP (Coyote)
2. Lurka – Density – Beater (Timedance)
3. Pussy Mothers – Echo Party – The Number 1 (Optimo Music)
4. Zomby – I – Ultra (Hyperdub)
5. Randomer & Hodge – Second Freeze – Second Freeze / Simple As (Livity Sound)
6. Pearson Sound – Tsunan Sun – XLB (Pearson Sound)
7. Appleblim – Twist It Down – Minus Degree (Tempa)
8. Okzharp and Samrai featuring Shokryme – Body Deh – Gated EP (Keysound)
9. Alex Smoke – Dust (Tessela Remix) – Love Over Will (Remixes) (R&S)
10. Distal – Tokyo Nail Salon – Bushido Rave (Hot Mom USA)
11. Sam Gellaitry – The Gateway – Escapism II (XL)
12. SWINDLE – Lemon Trees (feat D Double E) – Funk And Grime EP (Butterz)
13. J. Tijn – Shmudge – Shmudge (In An Instant)
14. Nomine – Run Darker – Fist Bump (Nomine Sound)
15. LKD Beats – This tune is the winner (Keysound email list)
16. The Wildlife – NA 002 – Patterns (Mixpak)

Mixed October 9, 2016 by deemo for