Field Day: Day 2

Aaaand it’s time for Day 2 of Field Dayapalooza. (Still can’t believe they rejected my name suggestion. Assholes.)



I don’t think I’ve seen a band who look more like they were put together by a committee to revive classic rock since maybe The Black Crowes. Hey everybody it’s the next Kula Shaker!


The number of levels on which it was fabulous to hear the Ha dance blaring across the field would break your calculator. That makes it hard to describe why Nguzunguzu’s set was a bit disappointing. Sure, there was enough bass to put a hole up in yo neck, and you’d have to have a broken leg to keep yourself from getting down to beats like his. But my suspicions about some of these Night Slugs style drum workouts was confirmed by his (and his unnamed co-dj’s) set: it’s too dry. Tracky tracks are fine if you’re fucking with them and bringing different sounds into the mix, but if you basically just play them straight, the crowd don’t quite know what to do. It’s like some sort of interminable intro to them. I’m not saying there isn’t a place for them, but that place is probably not a dance tent on a very rock-oriented day of a festival. (Top t-shirts: 1. Pixies. 2. The Smiths. 3. The Brian Jonestown Massacre. WTF, I know.) Anyways, after a valiant head-nodding effort, I made my excuses and left.

Nzungunzu 1

The Horrors

So, I was wrong. The Horrors’ new album is a stadium rock masterpiece. I just had to hear it in a stadium sized space to understand. There’s something about that epic sweep that feels particularly earned when it matches the space, and Faris Badwan is one of the most magisterial front men of the modern era. Honestly I don’t have the vocabulary to describe how epic their set was. Look at the pictures, amuse yourself at the tightness of Faris’ pants, but otherwise I got nothing for ya. You had to be there.

Faris 1

Horrors 1

Horrors 2

Future Islands

I had no idea that Future Islands were a) American and b) basically a synth pop act fronted by Glenn Danzig. The singer cut a very Rollins-like figure, flexing in his black t-shirt like a hardcore singer who wandered into the wrong rehearsal studio by mistake. And yet, it kind of worked; cuts like “Caesar” couldn’t have been pulled off by the likes of Morrissey, at least not without the influence of steroids injected straight into his jugular as a pre-show ritual. Maybe not the most conventional approach to the genre, but not unwelcome, either.

Future Islands 1

Future Islands 2


I’m biased because I saw them with Kim Deal earlier in their reunion cycle, but it felt very much like the kind of headliner choice where the promoter knew they needed a name to close the show, and they didn’t especially care which one. The vibe was of a band taking the money and running, possibly aided by the preponderance of hits (“Wave of Mutilation,” “Velouria,” “Debaser,” “Bone Machine” etc) and the new stuff felt half-hearted at best. It was a bit like watching Simpsons reruns: pleasant, nostalgic but not worth staying up late for.

Pixies 1

Pixies 2

Until next time, sports fans.


Mix: Sweat / Sweatpants

When Nelly came out with two albums, sold separately, on the same day in 2004, it was such a colossal act of hubris that it almost defies description. It doesn’t help that, as I recall, neither one was very good or very well received.


But Sweat and Suit are a testament to an ego big enough to more or less destroy a successful rapper’s career in one catastrophically grandiose gesture. And that’s why I’ve concocted my own version, the music world’s first answer-double-album: Sweat/Sweatpants.


One for bro-ing down in the club; one for sipping wine with a doo-rag on. Download one or both, or neither, but either way, enjoy.


Click here to download Sweat from

1. DJ Nori – Happy Sunday (Maurice Fulton Mix) – We Don’t Know EP
2. Komon and Appleblim – Silencio (Prins Thomas Remiks) – Silencio (Prins Thomas Remiks)
3. Mike Mind – Second Circle – Aether
4. Gui Boratto – Gate 7 – The K2 Chapter
5. Fort Romeau – And Now – Stay / True
6. Darkside – The Only Shrine I’ve Seen – Psychic
7. Joe – Slope – Slope
8. Gardland – Syndrome Syndrome – Syndrome Syndrome
9. Egyptrixx – Water (Reduced) – Water (Reduced)
10. Audion – Motormouth – Motormouth
11. Randomer – No Hook – Ruffa
12. Factory Floor – Two Different Ways – Factory Floor
13. Trevino – Gone – 3 And 1
14. Peverelist and Kowton – Beneath Radar – Livity Sound
15. Ctrls – Modular Framework – Shifting States EP
16. Tessela – Gateway – Nancy’s Pantry
17. Blawan – Shader – 30 Years of R&S Records
18. Gerry Read – Rubber Hands – U Got No God Damn Groove
19. Trade – Half Nelson – SHEWORKS005
20. Jam City – Worst Illusion – Club Constructions Vol. 6
21. Distal – Drone Circle – The Shadow Egg


Click here to download Sweatpants at

1. Prins Thomas – Sur Svie – Prins Thomas 2 Bonus Tracks
2. Cut Hands – Inchantment – Madwoman
3. Peverelist – Aztec Chant – Livity Sound
4. Adam Marshall – Memphis (feat. Maaskant) – Memphis
5. Policy – Wiseblood – Postscript
6. EMMA – Dream Phone Vip (Vip) – Blue Gardens
7. Acoustic High-End Research – Beer and Air – Gerd Janson presents Musik for Autobahns
8. Nguzunguzu – Break In – Skycell
9. Jam City – The Raven – Club Constructions Vol. 6
10. Morgan Zarate – This – Taker EP
11. Ital Tek – Violet – Control
12. Purity Ring – Amenamy (Jon Hopkins Remix) – Amenamy (Jon Hopkins Remix)
13. The Ethiopians – Empty Belly – Studio One Rub A Dub
14. Ride – Moonlight Medicine (Portishead remix)
15. Primal Scream – Higher Than The Orb Mix – Higher Than The Sun CDS