New mix: Exercise


It’s January! And I didn’t give you a year end list, because really, year end lists are like fruitcake – they always just show up unannounced and unrequested. Instead I give you a mix, though the title may be misleading. It’s not really what you might call gym-appropriate; in my mind, it was about Exercise because a) Kelela has made that word a double-entendre that I heartily enjoy, and b) this isn’t the easiest mix for your poor ears, but then, no pain no gain. It’s grimy, noisy in spots (hey Russell Haswell), melodic in hardly any spots, but a good workout in terms of exploring the dusty corners of the grime and electronic world that might not get too many rinses in clubland yet that deserve attention nonetheless. Enjoy.

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Deemo – Exercise by Deemo on Mixcloud

1. Howie Lee – Cloud Lamps – Mù Chè Shān Chū (Alpha Pup)
2. Chevel – Loop #42 (Minor Science Remix) – Blurse Remixed (Stroboscopic Artifacts)
3. Russell Haswell – Heavy Handed Sunset (Autechre ‘Conformity Version’) – As Sure As Night Follows Day (Remixes) (Diagonal)
4. Creta Kano – Skyway Motel (Lurka Remix) – Versions (Happy Skull)
5. Redshape – Paper Blades – Bleep Repeat (Bleep)
6. Acre – Holding Hands – Better Strangers (Tectonic)
7. Lord Real – Printed Mon3y – Kvlt Acid (Clan Destine)
8. Frisco – 1. 2. 3. – s/t (Frisco/Swindle)
9. Special Request – Tractor Beam – Modern Warfare (Warp)
10. DJ Sotofett – Breaking Set Of The Jungle Fantasy – TDD-DDRR-IPP MIX (Laton)
11. Jamie xx – I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) [Skepta Remix] – I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times) [Remixes] (Young Turks)
12. Kelela – All the Way Down (Air Max ’97 Remix) – Hallucinogen Remixes (Warp)
13. Darj – The Edge – FKOFd022 (Fat Kid On Fire)
14. Chevel – Stranded (Paula Temple Remix),Blurse Remixed (Stroboscopic Artifacts)
15. DJ Madd – Peng Teng (feat. Redders) – Peng Teng (Roots & Future)
16. Rustie – Your Goddezz – EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE (Warp)
17. Gypsy Mamba – Herro – Da Feenux (Stones Throw)

Mixed by Dave Morris a.k.a. deemo on Jan 15, 2016 for

New mix: Exclude


I am either about to emerge from a long period of distraction, or go into one, but I’m glad the mix train is at least running on time. This is kind of a decks-clearing (ha) mix that began with me going through all the singles I really liked this year (more on that soon) and picking out the best four on the floor ones I hadn’t used in anything yet. Relatively melodic and warm by my standards, so perhaps you will break this out in holiday party season? Enjoy, and don’t go away, there will be at least one more post before the end of the year.

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Deemo – Exclude by Deemo on Mixcloud

1. Blond:ish – Inner Jungle – Welcome To The Present (Kompakt)
2. Art Department – The Agent (Nitin remix) – The Final Remixes (No 19 Music)
3. Slow Hands – I’ll find me (Soul Clap dub) – I’ll Find Me Remixes (Wolf + Lamb)
4. Pearson Sound – Thaw Cycle – Thaw Cycle (Pearson Sound)
5. Youandewan – Fool Be Cool – Spiral Arms EP (Aus Music)
6. Nightmares On Wax – Aftermath (Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer dub) – Aftermath (Warp) 7. The Black Dog – Hollow Stories Hollow Head (GoldFFinch remix) – Very Extended Play EP (Dust Science)
8. Hugo Massien – Better Let Her – Kontrol EP (XL)
9. Dance System – DOS 4 – System Preferences EP (Ultramajic)
10. Special Request – Reset It – Modern Warfare EP 1 (XL)
11. Hodge – Renegades – Amor Fati/Renegades (Livity Sound)
12. Jamie XX – Loud Places (Tessela remix) – Loud Places Remixes (Young Turks)
13. Paula Temple – Oscillate – Tw33tz/Oscillate (50 Weapons)

Mixed Dec. 4, 2015 by Dave Morris a.k.a. deemo for

New mix: There’s Gonna Be Good Times


Jus a lil something to take to cookouts, the park, the highway, the pool, the stoop, the club, the basement, the gym, the sauna and anywhere else that needs a summery soundtrack. Dyn-o-mite!

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Deemo – There’s Gonna Be Good Times by Deemo on Mixcloud

1. Beyonce – Drunk in Love
2. Freddie Gibbs – White Range
3. Rae Sremmurd – Up Like Trump
4. Big Sean, Pusha T, Kanye West, 2 Chainz – Mercy
5. 2 Chainz feat Drake – No Lie
6. Three 6 Mafia – Poppin My Collar
7. TNGHT – Higher Ground
8. T.I. feat Young Thug – About The Money
9. Sia – Chandelier
10. Taylor Swift – Bad Blood
11. Jamie XX feat. Popcaan, Young Thug – Good Times
12. Rihanna – Bitch Betta Have My Money
13. Popcaan – The System
14. Robyn feat. Maluca – Love Is Free
15. Z-Ro – Talking To The Po Po

mixed by dave morris a.k.a. deemo on july 18 2015 for

Jamie XX and other things you already have opinions on

Jamie XX

In Colour

The one question I ask myself more than any other when reviewing (well, other than “just how sober do I need to be for this task?”) (Short answer: not very) is, ” what is this music for?” Not strictly in the sense of what it was purpose-built for, but what kind of record is it and where and when would I listen to it?

I don’t have an answer for In Colour, which is usually a bad sign. Some of it fits handily into DJ mixes, if only their mellower bits. “Sleep Sound” I’ve already put to the test, and the churched-up handclap stomp of “The Rest Is Noise” would certainly qualify. But the rest is vague – the drum sounds are indistinct, anything in the low end is muddy (almost certainly a deliberate choice, but does that make it defensible?) and the tracks’ development is minimal. It doesn’t really make sense as a bedroom record – it’s not varied enough, it’s too fuzzy, it sweeps through your ear holes like a light breeze and leaves little trace. But I can’t imagine busting out something as mopey and dull as “Loud Places” at an actual gathering of limb-waving humanoids.

In short, In Colour feels like a painting or a photograph that you have to squint to see, that doesn’t look quite right from any angle. What is there to do but sigh and stroll on?


The Hydrangeas Whisper
BubbleTease Communications

Maurice Fulton is not a name I paid a ton of attention to in the past, even though his Mu project with his wife Mutsumi Kanamori was broadly salivated over in the dance press. Regrets, I have a few – after hearing this latest Fulton album, under his Boof alias, I wonder wtf I’ve been doing with my dance-music-listening life. The Hydrangeas are Whispering “get your ass onto the discotheque floor,” where tart, twangy guitars and fat electric bass (as opposed to digitally programmed) parts bump and hustle their way to the ultimate summer soundtrack. If it wasn’t for the corny Dave Brubeck rewrite of “Emi’s M” I might be temped to use the word “perfect,” but even with that blemish, this is still one of the more beautifully entrancing records of the year.


Nozjinja Lodge


I was thrilled at this record from about five seconds in, which suggests I was already well predisposed to like it. White music blogger adores first legit (read: on a Western label) release by non-white cult hero vaulted out of obscurity by music press? Nozinja certainly ticks all the boxes; only time will tell whether we’re on to the next one by the time his second record comes around. (A booster of both Congotronics and Funk Carioca hangs his head.) So I go into this latest round of praise with a certain wariness about where my ears are leading me, and a warning for those who haven’t been riding the hipster taste merry go round for all that long.

And yet, I love this record and I want other people to hear it. It’s the perfect antidote to the all-consuming melancholy of trap over the last few years – in that, and in its frenetic drum programming, it shares some of the appeal of footwork, but a better comparison might be soca – this happens to be bursting at the seams with melody. Despite the fact that a lot of it is in minor keys, the energy jumps out of the speakers, throws Mardi Gras beads around your neck and pulls you into the dance. Where things are more sinister than they seem.

The centerpiece, from this perspective at least, is “Baby Do U Feel,” with its adrenaline-charged marimba-chords and echo-laden rave-style vocal samples. It feels like there are about six records going on at once, only it’s more fun to listen to them this way than to slow it all down and figure out what’s going on. The sensation of being overwhelmed – which I used to think only breakbeat science could deliver – here comes from all sides, thwacking at your ears with relentless glee.

Trevor Jackson

The Vinyl Factory

The dark time arrived with the word “electroclash,” something that arguably was more loathed then even than “EDM” is now. Amid the trucker hats and the tedious college-rock indie-dance came Playgroup, Trevor Jackson’s attempt to harness some of that cultural energy for some actual music. After a decade or so making fleeting appearances, Jackson’s new album feels instantly timeless, which is to say it sounds like the best bits of the 80s distilled into a powerful, blunt exilir.

Minimalism might be in the doghouse right now but Jackson makes it new with his unwavering focus on the dance floor, even with very few bits with which to move the crowd. “Nowhere” might as well be called “No Music” given how much of it consists of just two ribcage-rattling bass notes, a rimshot and a slightly tweaked kick drum. It, and “Voodoo Racist,” are haunted by lingering traces of acid, while “OCP” is marked with the scarlet letter of aggressive tech-house. But Jackson rejuvenates cliches with a kind of stubborn obliviousness – why shouldn’t I do something interesting with guitars (“Icaro”) if I can make it good, he seems to mutter? Why not indeed.

Ricardo Tobar


This was another random eMusic discovery, a process that most often leads me to dance albums that don’t fit any existing dance subgenre. Pretty sure this Ricardo Tobar disc fits squarely in the tech-house camp, and yet, I hesitate to describe it as such. He does moody four-on-the-floor exceptionally well – see the panoramic synths over chugging drum patterns in “Invierno” or the faraway yearning of “This Is Pop” – but there are enough feints and waves in the direction of bedroom-tronica that I didn’t know where to put songs like “Blue Mint” with its whimsical synth-brass wobbling away. The cumulative effect is a gauzy distance from the active listener, though maybe the title is an acknowledgement that you’re not supposed to listen to the whole thing at once. In truth, it shines most brightly if you don’t.

New mix: Maps


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The Polaris-ization of my listening time has almost come to a close, which means hopefully more posts on this here blog. So many great records to gab about this year – Pixelord, Kamasi Washington, Earl Sweatshirt among them. In the meantime, you have this mix, which will sound nice – okay, vaguely threatening, but still fun – coming out of your subwoofer. Enjoy.

Mixed May 15, 2015 in Toronto for by Dave Morris a.k.a. Deemo

Deemo – Maps by Deemo on Mixcloud

1. Dubspeeka & Visionz – Floorshow – Floorshow (Dext)
2. Salva – Move Dat Doh – $$$ SECRET STASH $$$ (unreleased)
3. Wen – Backdraft – Finesse (Tectonic)
4. Peverelist & Hodge – What Your Heart Knows – 21 Versions / What Your Heart Knows (Livity Sound)
5. Kelela – Keep It Cool (prod. Jam City) – 14 Tracks: Compute: Soul (Beatport)
6. Peverelist – Roll with the Punches – Roll with the Punches / Die Brücke (Punch Drunk)
7. Arovane – Il_Eth – Aarlenpeers EP (Touchin Bass)
8. Model 500 – Electric Night – Digital Solutions (Metroplex)
9. Cristian Vogel – Spectral Jack Climes – Werkschau03 (Shitkatapult)
10. Shackleton – Cast The Die – Deliverance Series No. 2 (Woe To The Septic Heart)
11. S-Type – Fire (feat. Yung Gud) – SV8 (LuckyMe)
12. Future – Coupe – Adult Swim Singles Program 2014 (Adult Swim)
13. Freddie Gibbs – White Range – Pronto – EP (ESGN)
14. Lee Bannon – The Muse – Cope (Chillectro)
15. Mike Gao – Thirst (feat. Mr. Carmack) – Migamo (Alpha Pup)
16. Aby Ngana Diop – Michael Ozone’s Liital Rhythm – Aby Ngana Diop Remixes (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
17. Ras G & The Koreatown Oddity – 5 Chuckles – 5 Chuckles (Leaving Records)
18. DJ Clent – Let’s Get High – Last Bus to Lake Park (Duck N Cover)
19. Zed Bias – Chokehold – Couch Life (81)
20. Jamie xx – Gosh – In Colour (Preview White Label)
21. Bok Bok & Sweyn Jupiter – Papaya Lipgloss (Club Mix) – Papaya Lipgloss (Night Slugs)

Mix: “Connecting”


*cover art lovingly appropriated from the poster for the 1980 Japanese movie Crazy Thunder Road

This mix is not new, but it’s too much fun to sit on any longer. I feel funny big-upping my own stuff, I keep hearing the kid from De La Soul Is Dead going “it’s slammin! Yo, it’s slammin!” So I dunno, here’s some free music and stuff. Enjoy.

Click here to download from Mediafire

1. Jex Opolis – On the Cliffs – Zither EP (Good Timin)
2. Jamie XX – Sleep Sound – Sleep Sound (Young Turks)
3. Joakim – On The Beach (Joakim’s Cray76 remix) – On The Beach (Tigersushi)
4. In Flagranti – Outsider House – Ten Years of Phonica (Phonica)
5. Moodymann – Hangover (Moodymann mix) – Hangover (KDJ)
6. Fort Romeau – Pirouette – Her Dream (Live At Robert Johnson)
7. Florian Frings – Shift – Backspace (Minus)
8. Booka Shade – Crossing Borders feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner (Booka’s Dub Mix) – Crossing Borders (Blaufeld)
9. ZZT – Givin In – Givin In (Turbo)
10. Samo Sound Boy – Divine – Open / Divine (Body High)
11. Graze – Scrap – MWeapon (New Kanada)
12. Addison Groove – Bad Seed – Presents James Grieve (50 Weapons)
13. Golden Teacher – Love – Party People/ Love (Optimo Music)
14. Melchior Productions Ltd – Sightings – The Return Of The Cosmic Kids (Aspect Music)
15. The Black Dog – Too Many Isms – Sound Of Sheffield Vol. 01 (Dust Science)
16. Komon and Appleblim – Beach Trek – Jupiter EP (Aus Music)

Mixed April 19 2014 by Dave Morris for

“Connecting” by Deemo on Mixcloud