Mix: Left and Right


So many total face-melters here. Both tracks with Riko make the case that he might be the U.K.’s most ruffneck MC. Repping the local scene with Shi Wisdom, who really ought to have been on the Polaris long list (apparently the album was like two minutes too short). Stray, who I didn’t know previously, was a nice surprise – Exit Records holding it down. And the footwork flip of “Luck of Luchini” was urgent and necessary. RIP DJ Rashad, gone too soon.

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Deemo – Left and Right by Deemo on Mixcloud

  1. Loops Haunt  – IIVA – Exits (Black Acre)
  2. Bok Bok – Howard  – Your Charizmatic Self EP (Night Slugs)
  3. Kowton – Jam01 (Beneath Remix) – Livity (Ghost-202 Remix) / Jam01 (Beneath Remix) (Livity Sound)
  4. Jacques Greene – No Excuse (Yung Gud Remix) – Phantom Vibrate Remixes (LuckyMe)
  5. Martyn – Forgiveness Step 3 – Forgiveness EP (Ninja Tune)
  6. Wen – Play Your Corner (feat. Riko) – Signals (Keysound)
  7. Durban – Chimes  – Chimes (Lit City Trax)
  8. Footsie – Tekky – King Original Vol 3 (Braindead Ent)
  9. Shi Wisdom – Fly Too – Stranger Things Have Happened (bandcamp)
  10. Heterotic – Boxes – Weird Drift (Planet Mu)
  11. VesperTown – Tuff Luv – Kaleidoscope (Donky Pitch)
  12. Jailo x Ganz – Casino Royale – Turquoise (Terrorhythm)
  13. Visionist – First Love – I’m Fine (Part II) (Lit City Trax)
  14. Stray – Fragile – Chatterbox EP (Exit)
  15. Nomine – Zen Circle – Enma (Tempa)
  16. Terror Danjah feat. Riko – Dark Crawler – Hyperdub 10.1 (Hyperdub)
  17. Ital Tek – Control – Control (Planet Mu)
  18. Traxman – Your Just Movin – Da Mind Of Traxman Vol 2 (Planet Mu)
  19. DJ Rashad x DJ Spinn x Taso – Luchini VIP – Teklife Till Tha Next Life Vol. 1 (Teklife)
  20. Dibia$e – Hold It Down – Schematiks (10thirty Records)
  21. DAMH – Black Night (DJ Koze Remix) – Black Night (Kompakt)
  22. J Dilla – Here We Go Again – Lost Tapes Reels + More (Mahogani)

Mixed June 7 2014 for a-void.ca by Deemo a.k.a. Dave Morris

Why Ras G is the hottest in the game


Make no mistake, there are a lot of red hot producers out there right now in the LA beat scene, or whatever you call it. The Shigeto album is killing. Teems, Dimlite, Om Unit, the list goes on – all over the world there are cats making subwoofer-melting boom bap-derived ear candy. But in terms of mystique, of prolific genius, of straight-up neck-snapping goodness, nobody holds a candle to Ras G. The eccentric beatmaker likes to lace his raw jawns with bone-dry snares and vocal samples scored from reggae classics and science fiction movie oddities. There are clickity-clack percussion loops, roughly assembled collages a la Madlib and wobbly basslines that’d loosen the bowels of even the hardiest dubstep aficionado. The spirituality of his work is what makes me come back to it over and over, though. A devotee of Sun Ra, the man from Saturn exerts a huge influence over Ras G (or “Cool Raaaaaass” as his ever-present signature sample drop would have it) from dialogue samples to album art. And as blasphemous as it might be to jazz heads, nobody else is carrying Le Sony Ra’s torch the way this beat brigadier is on his new album for Brainfeeder, Back On The Planet.

Lesser ears might be put off by Back On The Planet’s title track, a loose assemblage of noises and free jazz freakouts. But the beat is never far away. Heads may start with “OMMMM…,” which makes a melody out of white noise like it was the most natural instrument in the world. There’s a vaguely Dilla-like sense of time in his tunes, but there’s none of the late Detroit don’s R&B slickness in the beats, which often sound like they were unearthed from under a pile of dust taller than Dikembe Mutombo. “CosMic Kisses” is light on the low end, hanging close to a barrage of handclaps that are funky enough to be a song in themselves. But be careful with your subwoofer settings by the time you get to “Culture Riddim,” lest you knock the crockery off the wall; from “Been Cosmic” to “Injera Lentils and Kale” and the afrocentric-tao-of-Sun Ra-sampling “Natural Melanin Being”, there’s enough bass business to put a new face hole up in your cheek.

“G Spot Connection” is a particular highlight. The otherworldly chipmunked vocal samples and reggae drops bash up against hand percussion in a gloriously molasses-like slog, making it among the sludgiest tracks Cool Raaasss has ever dropped – and given his prolific nature, that’s saying something. Personally I’m holding out for a Jeremiah Jae/Ras G collab album — come on FlyLo, make it happen –, but Back On The Planet is to that dream as Bitches Brew is to the rumoured Miles/Jimi Hendrix collab: even if the latter never comes into being, the former has still ruptured the space-time continuum and let a whole new kind of ramshackle funkiness come tumbling out.

Peep an interview Frank Mag did with the man himself.

Mix: Horizon; also, gig June 11

It’s been a long time… OK I’m not going there. Too many lazy bloggers/rappers, Aaliyah spinning in her grave, etc. I am back and I have a gig (scroll down) and I made you a mix!

Horizon by deejaydeemo


1. Don Leisure, �Trio of Desserts�
2. Jon Phonics, �Liberties�
3. The Pharcyde, �Bullshit�
4. U.S.D.A., �CTE or Nothin��
5. Mike Gao, �Worthy Unworthy�
6. Jaylib, �Louder (Blast Your Radio theme)�
7. Exile, �Love For Sell / Bots Have Feelings�
8. TOKiMONSTA, �Darkest (Dim) f Gavin Turek�
9. Abnormal, �A Donut For the Beat Conductor�
10. Slugabed, �My Sense of Smell Comes and Goes�
11. oOoOO, �Mumbai�
12. Com Truise, �Beta Eyes�
13. Boxcutter, �Cold War (vs Ken and Ryu)�
14. Pixelord, �Vulvatron�
15. DJ Rashad, �Loud Pakk�
16. Shigeto / Heathered Pearls, �Porcelain�

What about that gig, then? Some of you may know about the DJ series me and some friends have been doing for more than five years; it’s called Track Meet, we play Whorish Pop and Hip-Hop, this time I’ll be playing the kind of ish you hear on this blog, and the next one is on June 25 at Crawford. Peep the poster: