Catching up: Björk, John Carpenter, DJ Clent


One Little Indian

I guess this is Bjork’s breakup record but I always heard, well, all of them as breakup records. All that vocalese and weird phrasing and unprompted high-note-hitting screams angst to these ears. It’s just that on Vulnicura the lyrics match up to the overall mood. You can’t mistake “History of Touches” for merely pining for the fjords.

It really works. The prog-rock time signature wonkery and emotive ramblings perfectly capture the feeling of once-solid emotional supports disintegrating with little warning. And the production is riveting, making full use of strings’ inherent melancholy. I wouldn’t wish the apparent emotional turmoil of this record on anyone, but sad Bjork appears to produce the best Bjork.


John Carpenter
John Carpenter’s Lost Themes
Sacred Bones

People need to make more John Carpenter movies, apparently. Geoff Barrow and Ben Salisbury’s Drokk was apparently commissioned for Dredd, but the filmmakers ultimately didn’t feel the very Carpenter-like vibe of their score would fit the more conventional-action-movie movie itself. Likewise, apparently Mr. Carpenter has lots of tunes for movies that never existed or got made, and it’s a fun game to listen to these while imagining a Snake Plissken-like figure walking across a rainy landing strip toward the camera. Carpenter’s got a fabulous sense of drama and clearly knows his way around a synth or two; I’m not convinced I’ll be listening to this set more than occasionally given that his compositional skills are more limited than his arranging or melody-crafting ones — there’s a certain formulaic quality that’s maybe to be expected from a director who makes a lot of genre pictures. Still, some good fun to be had if you don’t ask too much of it.


DJ Clent
Last Bus To Lake Park
Duck N’ Cover

Since footwork was thrust into the wider consciousness (ie. white people like me discovered it – in my case, with DJ Rashad’s Just A Taste which was four years ago), the releases I’ve cherry-picked from the ether have spanned from super basic hack-job sampling to futuristic brain-melting slabs of innovation. Props to veteran DJ Clent for making a record squarely the middle of that spectrum without sacrificing any urgency or excitement. “Space Control” feels like a race car that’s going to fly off and smash into the warning track at any second, but miraculously holds onto the groove; “Fear This Muthafucka” pairs an eerie vocal siren with a series of spoken and synthesized barks that are as disorienting as being slapped around the face. But “Let Me See You Juke” is as straightforward as they come. Your juking, motherfucker, let me see it. The Nintendo song doesn’t totally work, but otherwise Last Bus To Lake Park is so good that I have a hard time choosing a favourite. Naturally, the track with the most “motherfucker”s wins by default.

Mix: Get Bodied


Haven’t had time to do much in the way of posting lately, but I’ve got a couple of mixes on deck to share, starting with this one. That Evian Christ track in particular is a stormer. Get up on it like this.

Click here to download from Mediafire


Deemo – Get Bodied by Deemo on Mixcloud

1. Bjork – Virus (Hudson Mohawke’s Peaches & Guacamol remix) – Bastards (One Little Indian)
2. French Fries – U.M-An – Kepler (Clek Clek Boom)
3. Evian Christ – Propeller – Waterfall (Tri Angle)
4. Gladiator – Assembly Line (Original Mix) – Assembly Line (Fool’s Gold)
5. JT The Goon – Eski Moment – Twin Warriors EP (Oil Gang)
6. Mumdance & Rabit – Square Wave Shell Down – Boxed Vol. 1 (Boxed)
7. Arctic – The Sicilian – 14 tracks: Nexx Level Grime (Boomkat)
8. Bok Bok – Melba’s Call (feat. Kelela) – Melba’s Call (feat. Kelela) (Night Slugs)
9. Machinedrum – Back Seat Ho (Rustie Remix) – Fenris District (Ninja Tune)
10. Mark Pritchard – Makin a Livin’ – Bleep: The Top 100 Tracks of 2013 (Bleep)
11. DJ Clent – Don’t Leave Me (Baby) – Hyper Feet (Planet Mu)
12. Henry Rodrick – Hey Baby – Don’t Believe (Studio Barnhus)
13. Umbertron – Jackmi – Chicago Tek (Loose Squares)
14. Ital Tek – Universal Decay – Mega City Industry (Civil Music)
15. DJ Earl Heavee & DJ Taye – RubbaBANDZ – Audio Fixx 2 (Ghetto Teknitianz)
16. H-SIK – Sonic Rage – Sonic Rage / No Promises (Black Acre)
17. A Tribe Called Quest – Stressed Out (Bjork’s Married to the Mob Mix) – Stressed Out (Jive)

Mixed April 12 by Dave Morris a.k.a. Deemo for

Mayer Hawthorne

As I said to a friend of mine this evening: what is up with the Vince Guaraldi mania this year? The Charlie Brown Christmas music has never been so ubiquitous. It might be that everyone is tired of the usual retro mania vs slick commercial update schism that colours most of our shopping experiences — the self-consciously cool stores have Nat King Cole or maybe The Waitresses, the oblivious ones have Mariah Carey and Brad Paisley — and Guaraldi’s weary shuffling offers a reprieve from having to make one more quasi-meaningful choice. It’s classic, but doesn’t particularly signify anything in particular about you. Mayer Hawthorne‘s reworking of “Christmas Time Is Here” trades the earnest children’s choir for a broad croon that captures the true spirit of the season: Bing Crosby, dribbling his gooey baritone all over the song like gravy from an overflowing boat. All that excess will be a source of embarrassment come January, so you might as well load up another plate right now while there’s still time. [LINK]

Things that make you go hmmm: 1) Party-throwers for whom the alphabet isn’t good enough (Ghe20 Goth1k); 2) Remixers who credit a song to themselves — Venus X — even though the sum of their additions to Bj�rk‘s “Hunter” are some martial snares and a chipmunky, gabba-techno chirp; 3) Deeply suspect use of athletic apparel. It’s not very charitable, but when someone makes this many bad choices, it’s tempting to call a transcendent blend like this a fluke. They do happen. Then again, listening to this skin-flaying treatment of what might be Bj�rk‘s finest hour, stretching the emotional range of the song over a skeleton borrowed from either Trent Reznor or the Terminator, it’d have to be a hell of a fluke. [LINK]

Nicki Minaj does have a thing or two in common with vintage Busta Rhymes, in that she can be silly sometimes, and she likes to use funny voices. When she bit his “dungeon dragon” bit from A Tribe Called Quest’s “Scenario (Remix),” though, she woke up a sleeping beast worse than anything we had seen before. Busta on “Roman’s Revenge Remix” = classic Busta + Busta from the “Touch It” era, sped up + steroids + soylent green + industrial-grade stimulants that haven’t been invented yet + speaking in tongues. [LINK]

Toro Y Moi have a new single out called “Still Sound”. Generally when I see the words “Toro Y Moi” and “single” together I fall into a coma, so just imagine that I replaced them with some Swedish space disco funkateers collaborating with Tame Impala or something. See? I was going to post one of the new Tim Goldsworthy remixes, and instead I’m posting an unbelievably slinky roller-disco jam by Toro Y freaking Moi. Wait, hang on, don’t go yet. Space disco, Sweden, WikiLeaks, SportsCentre, Tron: Legacy… are you there? Hello? Damn. Lost another one.� [LINK]