Matthewdavid vs 2562: Fite?

Matthewdavid - Outmind cover

It�s unspeakably bizarre that these two albums should land in my inbox at the same time � so similar, different and perfectly complementary. Matthewdavid�s Outmind and 2562�s Fever are twin poles that bookmark what seems to be happening in this world I find myself immersed in; not that I know what to call it. But between them is a definition, and a pretty clear one.

Smog, Blade Runner, post-industrial decay: Matthewdavid is a champ at evoking all these things, sometimes simultaneously. Pitchfork sez he�s an LA producer/label owner/friend-of-FlyLo. Without any audio to base it on, you�d think Outmind, his debut LP, would sound a lot like the LA beat stuff that�s already out there, and to be sure, former intern Matthew McQueen�s not remaking the beat world in his own image. But his album Outmind is a triumph anyways, because it unites two strains of electronic listening music � the hard Dilla-esque kicks and finger snaps, and also the smouldering, stretched ambient tones that sound like they�re being played through broken filters. It�s all about melodic haze, fog, the sense that whatever�s in the air is somewhere between a solid and a liquid, maybe a chemical, you�re not sure. You might have caught a contact high already.

Matthewdavid – Like You Mean It

Matthewdavid – You’ll Never Know

Fever is exactly what it sounds like. Maybe too much. Dutch producer Dave Huismans� 2562 alias had already been attached to numerous albums, notably the more four-four-oriented Unbalance, but Fever is a bit of a departure even from that relatively sparse (one might say minimal) collection. It�s dubstep-influenced without being strictly dubstep, though one thing it has in common with a lot of the genre is that it�s very funky, but almost completely unmelodic; everything is a percussion sound, from the bass to the samples/synths to the funny drum machine blips. �Unmelodic� isn�t a synonym for �unlistenable�; in fact it�s catchy as hell, but Fever does it without ever touching down in the pillowy depths that trickle and run through Outmind like detergent and water through a load of laundry. Fever�s an itch, one that makes you want to scratch so hard, you leave a nasty mark.

2562 – Fever – doubt001cd/lp by 2562 / A Made Up Sound

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