Tuesday downloads: Mophono, snares, shorties

 width=Thinking about snare drums: on first blush, not exciting. Many of you would rather smack yourselves in the bits with the business end of a ball-peen hammer than read about snare drums. (OUCH.) But what is break-based music about if not snare drums? Ponder if you will. The kick is the kick, maybe drowning in an ocean of reverb, maybe dry as the skin between Ashy Larry�s fingers and pitched somewhere around your neck bone, but either way, a low thud of some kind. The snare, on the other hand, can be anything. A finger snap, a stick to the rim, a booming explosion, a compressed burst of white noise, a searing hand clap, a pop, a blurt, a ping, a wave that hits you from behind, an elastic stretched off into infinity, or just the end of the measure. The world in a single sound.

Finger snaps are what are currently scaring me, only because in the wake of producers like TOKIMONSTA and FlyLo turning the finger snap into the sound of your neck releasing your head from its attachment to your body, it�s become a bit of a clich�. This is why I currently love Mophono, whose album Cut Form Crush has just hit stores with a mighty WHAP!. �Be Human Part One” (via the ever-marvelous MyManHenri) has been on deck for one of my mixes forever, not least because those rolling snares break up a dreamy Shigeto or Dunian track like an axe through a cord of wood. Mophono is conversant in many variants of the boom bap tongue; this mix for Friends Of Friends is a United Nations of snare badness. If you try to sleep on it, the drums might gang up on you.

[LINK via Let�s Get Digital]

I gotta go do the dishes because curry isn�t like regular food whose plates you can leave for a day or so without too much fear of smell or bugs. So here are two quick hits. Hi, haters.

Lone: English tech producer makes snappy lil mix for Bleep�s Bloc Festival that�s still nowhere near as fun as his 2010 album Emerald Fantasy Tracks, and yet is still ridonkulously good times (do the math): [LINK via XLR8R]

You didn�t think I was going to quit without giving you some fresh juke, did you? Chrissy Murderbot drops a fusion track into DJ Spinn�s Cuisnart; the resulting mixture is like a fruit smoothie with slabs of dark chocolate in it � totally heterogenous, and still awesome. [STREAM via FACT]

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