Mix: We Goin’ There


I was going to drop this yesterday, but the internet didn’t seem to have room for anything unrelated to crack. (Admittedly Kendrick Lamar does shout “I don’t smoke crack, motherfucker I sell it” in a funny voice, but we really ought not to encourage him to do more funny voices. Just rap, man, you’re pretty good at it.) Anyways this one took a smidge of editing to be presentable to the public but I’m quite happy with the results, so enjoy.

Cover art respectfully adapted from Bruce Pennington’s cover for A.E. Van Vogt’s Children of Tomorrow.

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We Goin There by Deejaydeemo on Mixcloud


1. Ras G – “Jus There… f Brotha There” – Back On The Planet
2. Innode – “Dedispersion II” – Gridshifter
3. Samiyam – “Dream (Green Feelings)” – Wish You Were Here
4. Pusha T – “Nosestalgia” – My Name Is My Name
5. Big Sean – “Control (HOF) f Kendrick Lamar”
6. Misty Conditions – “Death” – D’Zzzz
7. Elek – “Want You To Know” – Exit Records Presents Mosaic Vol. 2
8. Paul White – “Divining Rod” – Watch The Ants EP
9. The Range – “Everything But” – Nonfiction
10. Letherette – “After Dawn (Bibio remix)” – After Dawn EP
11. Ta-Ku – “Love Lost” – Songs To Break Up To
12. Mike Gao – “Ausgangsta (Ta-Ku remix)” – Beta World Peace
13. Samo Sound Boy – “Your Love (Shlohmo remix)” – Your Love EP
14. Jessy Lanza – “Pull My Hair Back” – Pull My Hair Back
15. Ryan Hemsworth – “Yaeko Mitamura Is Lonely” – Guilt Trips
16. Daedelus – “Keep Still” – Drown Out
17. John Foxx and The Belbury Circle – “Suit” – Empty Avenues EP

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