One to watch: Matias Aguayo

Matias Aguayo

The Visitor



Whimsy is unnecessary in dance music because readily-available drugs supply more than enough opportunity for throwing off all vestiges of self-awareness and giving in to the urge to wear enormous furry hats and matching sweat pants, to say nothing of dry humping total strangers. Funnily enough, Chilean/German producer Matias Aguayo’s album The Visitor is a masterpiece despite being deeply, intentionally whimsical. Not since Holger Czukay tried out six or seven different ways to say “let’s get cool… In the pool…” in 1980 has there been a presence veering into comedic territory reserved for wedding MCs the way Aguayo does here. You know it’s going to test the bounds of good taste when he and his duet partner start taking turns rolling their Rs at each other in a track called (what else) “Rrrr” while Aguayo delivers lines, some in his native Spanish that sound like he should be twirling a mustache the entire time. But beats with a Czukay-like pared down quality, as well as a healthy disregard for techno’s obsessive compulsive sonic cleanliness, help make it an intensely fun outing as well as a funny one.

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