Tuesday downloads: Rustie, Star Slinger/Lil B, DJ Rashad


MIX: Rustie @ BBC Essential Mix, April 7/2012
The Scottish producer keeps it trill with cuts from Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Danny Brown, Clams Casino and Nicki Minaj inbetween hearty doses of his own grandiose, 80s-testictacular originals. [STREAM]

TRACK: Star Slinger f Lil B, Stunnaman, “Bad Bitches” [via Fader] 
Is it too much to hope that this is the beginning of a long, fruitful rap producing career for Star Slinger? Apparently Lil B approached him for this track, which goes hard on popcorn drums and hard kicks over a more characteristically heavenly choral sample, while B and Stunna do their thing. Not to be missed.

MIXTAPE: DJ Rashad amp; DJ Spinn, We Trippy Mane Pt 1
He’s got a new label, an upcoming album and yet another killer mix that is available for free via his Soundcloud. How is DJ Rashad, also footwork/juke. not the biggest thing on earth right now? Rashad plays Wrongbar on Friday, April 13. Be there or be trapped under something heavy, there’s no other excuse. [LINK]

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