Mike Shannon

Photo: Fernanda Mattos

Mike Shannon

I’m singling out Mike Shannon because I really liked his 2008 album for M_Nus, Memory Tree – his most recent album, since which he’s done a bazillion collabs – but really it’s the lineup in general that deserves the praise. Shannon, The Mole and Guillaume & Les Coutu Dumonts are three of the deadliest techno producers Canada has given the world, and that’s a crowded field. So kudos to Mutek for bringing them back for what ought to be a session worth hauling your tired ass back out for on the last day of the fest. And if you have the strength, try to convince them to move back to Canada. Surely with all of its arcane legislation, Quebec can slip in a new law that everyone in the province has to go see these guys spin, say, once a month?

Nocturne 5: From Scratch // Ex-pat Discotheque. Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, Salle BWR, 185 Ste-Catherine St. Ouest, Sunday, June 1, 10pm-3am. Sold out.

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